About us

Our mission

Each of us has a dream waiting to be realized. You just stepped into ours. Welcome! The story of Băcănia ROD means intense passion for Romanian food, appetite for perfect tastes, desire to revive old culinary habits. We lovingly craft our own products, complement them with those of other culinary artisans and present them in a modern, urban setting. In short, we are the best source for the tastiest Romanian dishes.


We believe in simple Romanian tastes, as they once were, as we knew them and grew up with. We believe in gratitude towards the fruit of the earth and the uniqueness of artisanal products. We believe that time is the one that best perfects the products, that's why we choose to produce everything slowly, cleanly and without haste. We firmly believe that only without compromises and without shortcuts can we achieve excellence in what we do. That's why we just follow the natural rhythm of nature, sometimes in a smoldering expectation even until the fruit of the next season. We know there are still people who feel and think the same way. We were glad you were one of them.


Before you try our canned products, we have to tell you something: they are produced by us! This is the essence of ROD Grocery: we produce to bring value, to offer the same quality all the time, to respond without delay to your wishes. But we don't produce everything and anytime: we produce only with local ingredients, only in the season of ripe fruit and vegetables, freshly picked, naturally fertilized and according to local recipes. No preservatives, no frozen ingredients, no quality compromises. When you come to us, we encourage you to tell us what product you have been looking for and can't find. We keep in mind and satisfy your wish. We are only one season away from the new product.


They say we are what we eat. That's why when we manufacture each of our products, we do it in the most responsible way: we only use local, seasonal and natural resources. The vegetables and fruits that form the basis of our preserves are the fruit of a clean land, being grown with the utmost care for the environment. They are never rushed, only loved. Their growth follows the rhythm of nature, and our production process follows suit: it is slow and exclusively manual.


ROD grocery means, in addition to everything else, a cheerful, dedicated and positive team. We are the people who welcome you when you come to shop here, in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. The ones who answer your every question so that you can choose what suits you best. The ones you consult with and befriend. We love being close to you. And we like our guests, so every time you come to ROD Grocery, we are happy to offer you a unique experience. We already have one thing in common: the passion for authentic tastes. We will surely discover more when you cross our threshold. We look forward to meeting you!